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Lead Testing and Abatement Services

Lead based paint inspections

NAS can perform building inspections to document the presence of lead based paints. Finished surfaces are tested to determine if lead is present. Documentation of each test is included in our report that shows the quantity and location of each tested surface. This information is then used to make recommendations to our clients with regards of how to safely manage their facility in respect to lead based paint.

Abatement Specifications

To assist our clients with remediation projects, NAS can prepare abatement specifications that completely define the scope of work and bidding guidelines. We work with our clients to determine the scope of work, project budget, schedule, and advertisement requirements. Once bids are received, NAS works with our clients to thoroughly evaluate each bid to ensure the right contractor is selected for the job.

Project Management

NAS uses a team of highly qualified industrial hygienists to manage remediation sites from the field. Hygienists oversee the selected abatement contractor's day to day operations to ensure the project is being completed safely and in accordance with the project specifications and applicable regulations.

Air Quality Testing

In addition to the project management services we offer, NAS's hygienists conduct air quality testing prior to, during, and upon completion of remediation projects. Pre-abatement baseline air quality studies are conducted to assist with project designs; Ambient air testing is performed during remediation projects to evaluate the effectiveness of the engineering controls in place; Post abatement clearance testing follows the abatement project to ensure the area is safe for re-occupancy. We also conduct personnel air monitoring during abatement activities to help contractors meet OSHA requirements and as part of negative exposure assessments.

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